Entropia “Ufonaut” CD


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Label: Arachnophobia Records
Format: Jewel Case CD
Year: 2016
Country: Poland
Genre: Twisting Psychedelic Black Metal

1. Ractal
2. Samsara
3. Ufonaut
4. Apogeum
5. Mandala
6. Paradox
7. Veritas

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„Ufonaut” is the result of a three years’ long experimentation and delves within a psychedelic vision of the world lacking peace and divine order. The seven tracks included on the album are proving that the band released itself from any boundaries of convenience and safety of well-known measures, which in return allowed them to create the album filled with madness, anger and disdain for reality that is full of trivial illusions. In terms of music, „Ufonaut” is filled with hypnotic riffs based on the bands’ trademark intricate harmonies and drum patterns. The caleidoscopic compositions, full of twists and turns are the legacy of numerous trips within consciousness and inner self.

Reassured that the future of mankind must be psychedelic or there may be none at all, Entropia stands out as zealots of Terrence McKenna’s futuristic vision of the world, demanding the restitution of tribal consciousness and discarding the materialistic civilisation that surrounds us. Rising our heads towards the endless void, we await the incoming answer in silence.

Nothing further beyond.