Mentor “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy”


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Poland’s independent metal scene is thriving in the most dynamic and evil ways. Every now and then, things here take a radical turn, resulting in a creative rot or rather collision course and give birth to astonishingly impressive outcomes. Evil never sleeps, and so doesn’t Mentor, the new assembly rising from the deeps in full glory!

The name might be new, but the individuals behind it are no strangers. Three out of four members have recently been beating the hell out of Europe’s stages with the dissonant black metal sensation THAW. Now joined by singer Wojtek Kałuża (J.D. Overdrive), the pack provide another unholy challenge for the audience who miss the fuckin’ animal in metal and grew fed up with its artsy incarnations. Scarecrow Fields, the first new song by Mentor is no longer a mystery. Play it fuckin’ loud!

In times when the majority tend to categorize music by coming up with the most bizarre tags and shoving it all the way through pidgeon holes, Mentor’s blasphemous and straightforward emanation of heavy music’s essential traits appears like a spit in the face. Enforcing the idea of “a sonic porn for those who like it fast and heavy”, Guts, Graves and Blasphemy, Mentor’s debut full-length offering is a highly explosive cauldron merging the elements of black/thrash metal, hardcore punk and plain rock’n’roll.

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Due this fall on Arachnophobia Records, Guts, Graves and Blasphemy has been recorded, mixed and mastered by the band’s own Haldor Grunberg who apart from the solid low-end, provided the album with a crushing production. The stellar artwork done by Branca Studios (Angel Witch, King Dude, Venom, Cirith Ungol inter alia) perfectly highlights the graveyard lust these four bastards have. You have been warned!