qip “On Ephemeral Substrates”


On Ephemeral Substrates” is my first solo album in the true sense of the word. The project consumed almost 3 years of my life. I spent more energy on this one than on any other material of any band I have played in and I am very happy about the result. Many people asked if I had a plan to release it in a physical format. Finally, this is happening – thanks to Arachnophobia Records!

Thus spoke the author, Maciej Pasinski who co-founded Sirrah – one of the most influential and uncommon Polish band of the nineties. Both “Acme” – typical in it’s stylistics – as well as “Did Tomorrow Come?” – the dynamic and courageous album that was appreciated only after years – project a sense of Maciek’s great creative, performative and vocal flair. “On Ephemeral Substrates” takes off where “Did Tomorrow Come?” left off. Undoubtedly, this explosive mixture of death metal and industrial is a worthy successor to Sirrah’s spirit, atmosphere and bravery. The album was performed (with minor guest appearances), recorded, mixed, mastered and designed by just one man – Maciek Pasinski.

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