UR – Black Vortex CD


Following the well-received EP “Hail Death”, black/heavy metal act UR will be releasing their debut full-length album, “Black Vortex” via Arachnophobia Records on 22 December 2017. The cover artwork was done by Krzysztof Sikorski.

“Black Vortex” is a natural evolution of the band’s previous work. The band’s mastermind, Gregor, comments that he treats “both releases as one whole, musically and lyrically. Some of the tracks are philosophical in nature. They are filled with sadness and pity over human existence. Other tracks, however, are something you’d expect from UR: aggressive, primitive anthems of hatred about human greed, materialism and stupidity. Let the Black Vortex swallow you!”

UR consist of seasoned musicians from Poland who have contributed to acts such as Bloodthirst or Bloodstained. Their first EP “Hail Death” was warmly received by the metal media and fans alike, with MetalTalk.net calling it “a superb debut offering”, while No Clean Singing claimed the EP has “a visceral, primal appeal”. A year later, with winter on the horizon, the beast will once again roar its primal sounds.

“Black Vortex” Tracklist:
1. Black Vortex
2. Black Spark
3. We Are Mortal
4. Shed My Skin
5. The Beckoning Silence
6. The Last Feast
7. Cleansing by Fire
8. The Goddess of the World
9. Oblivion