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Death is always the end, though it may also be the beginning. This is exactly happening in the case of “Hail Death”, the debut MCD from UR, about to be unleashed in December on Arachnophobia Records.

The first strikes of winter frost create a perfect aura for the first MCD of UR. Clocking in at nearly 20 minutes, the record thrusts the listener straight into death’s cold embrace – a power equally primal, complex and intriguing. This contrast also defines the musical content of “Hail Death”. The songs which have found their way onto the release are a manifestation of raw and instinct-driven black metal which does not refrain from occasional twists.

– In fact, UR is exactly what all of us have been willing to do for a major part of our nearly 15-year-long musical quest, yet for some reason had been unable to put into effect. UR is a beast, an animal – free, untamed and unpredictable. When we meet at the rehearsals, we grab our instruments, fill the glasses with vodka and just play. We do not need any philosophy for something this simple. Neither do we obey any particular stylistic framework, nor limit ourselves to it. The music on “Hail Death” came up quickly and naturally; it is minimalistic, yet thoroughly prepared; full of contrast, yet cohesive – explains guitarist/vocalist Gregor, UR’s mainman.

So far, the group’s members have made contributions to such names as Bloodthirst and Bloodstained inter alia. The debut release of UR, however, is the beginning of an entirely new chapter in their careers, as well as their first, so individual outing. The material was recorded and mixed at Left Hand Sounds studio. The cover art was painted by Krzysztof Sikorski.

Here is the track listing for “Hail Death”:

1. A Dying Star
2. The Tongue of Fire
3. Let The Darkness Come
4. Total Inertia
5. Only Bones

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