Vexatus “Atom Pompeii” CD


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The reissue of the Vexatus’s second album from 2013! After their debut “Tortura”, Vexatus recorded an album exploring the regions one could hardly expect. On the one hand it is strongly rooted in classic Swedish Death Metal, on the other hand it has this post-apocalyptic drive that’s hard to define.
Mike (voc): “Atom Pompeii” was originally released a couple of years ago, but due to some reasons beyond our control it never actually broke through. Because of the label’s state of insolvency, it kind of disappeared in the thin air and found its way to just a couple of dozen of fans. Therefore, we have decided to release it once again in Arachnophobia Records. It’s still a way too good piece of music to just let it go. It’s still death metal, that’s for sure, yet a bit more equivocal than our debut “Tortura”.